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About Omnyk:

Omnyk is an innovative healthcare startup based in India, specializing in real-time patient monitoring solutions. Their flagship product, OmnyTraq, aims to revolutionize healthcare by providing advanced monitoring capabilities.



Omnyk faced the challenge of managing hospitals, patients, devices, and customer subscriptions across their operations. They needed a centralized web portal that could streamline these critical aspects of their business.



To address Omnyk's requirements, Quilltez developed a powerful web application system using the Laravel framework. The solution offered the following key features:

  1. Hospital & Patient Management: The web portal enabled efficient management of hospitals and patients, providing a comprehensive overview and easy access to crucial information.

  2. Device Inventory Management: Quilltez implemented a robust system to track and manage the inventory of monitoring devices, ensuring accurate records and streamlined operations.

  3. Subscription Management: The web portal facilitated seamless subscription management, enabling Omnyk to efficiently handle customer subscriptions, billing, and renewals.

  4. Device Delivery Workflow Management: Quilltez integrated a streamlined workflow management system, enabling the smooth coordination of device deliveries, installations, and setup processes.

  5. Usage / Health Report Generation: The web portal included a feature-rich reporting module that generated usage and health reports, providing valuable insights into patient monitoring activities.



The implementation of the Omnyk - OmnyTraq Web Portal yielded significant results:

  • Omnyk now possesses a robust web portal that empowers their customers (hospitals) to efficiently manage their patients and deliver real-time monitoring services.
  • The centralized system enhances operational efficiency, allowing hospitals to streamline their workflows and allocate resources effectively.
  • Real-time monitoring capabilities enable healthcare professionals to provide timely interventions and improve patient outcomes.


Client Feedback:

Omnyk expressed their satisfaction with Quilltez's web portal solution, which provides a solid foundation for their customers (hospitals) to manage patients and facilitate real-time monitoring. The Quilltez team's expertise in developing the web application using Laravel proved instrumental in meeting Omnyk's requirements. The user-friendly interface and powerful features of the web portal garnered positive feedback from both Omnyk and their customers, showcasing Quilltez's commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.