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About Iskcon Donor Care:

Iskcon, one of the largest NGOs in India, faced a significant challenge in managing the influx of calls and email queries from donors despite their successful fundraising efforts. Recognizing the impact of delayed responses on the organization's values, Quilltez took a proactive approach by not only promoting Iskcon's charitable activities but also addressing the underlying issue through process automation.



Quilltez developed a comprehensive web application that empowered Iskcon to efficiently manage multiple branches individually. Each branch gained the ability to oversee their respective donors and transactions seamlessly.

The system seamlessly collected transaction data from the payment gateway, automatically generating receipts for each transaction. Donors were promptly notified through emails and SMS.



The implementation of the Iskcon Donor Care Systems yielded remarkable results:

  • Donor management latency was reduced by an impressive 92%, ensuring quicker response times and enhanced donor satisfaction.
  • The introduction of an automated receipt generation system through webhooks resulted in a remarkable 97% decrease in donor queries, allowing Iskcon to focus on other crucial aspects.
  • The intuitive dashboard provided actionable insights, enabling the Iskcon team to identify areas requiring attention and areas performing exceptionally well.


Client Feedback:

Iskcon expressed their satisfaction with Quilltez's web application, which played a vital role in reducing donor management latency and queries by 92% and 97%, respectively. Throughout the project, Quilltez maintained excellent communication, simplifying the entire process and showcasing their expertise in the field. Beyond their technical prowess, the Quilltez team's empathy and attentiveness were standout qualities, fostering a strong client-vendor partnership.