• deliverbility

About Deliverbility:

Deliverbility is an Email verification tool based in Canada. It cleans the customer’s bulk email databases by checking the email addresses are exist or not in reality.

Site Link: Deliverbility

Project Highlight:

Deliverbility is a fresh startup application, The founder of the deliverbility come up with an idea and Quilltez did a lot of research on the email verification functionality and implemented the well-equipped email verification system for the Deliverbility.

The Quilltez team created this app from scratch within 3 months with the power of Drupal.

Performance and Scalability:

Deliverbility is handling Million email addresses per day and it also automatically scalable based on the traffic.


The main part of the projects is verifying email addresses on the backend. We did the custom queue method to handle the million queue datas. Drupal’s Drush script helped lot to handle the long executing script without breaking.