Let’s face it, when you are starting any business, you need to make it’s online presence a worthwhile investment. However, due to lack of expertise, many people struggle to find a solid footing on the internet that can give their business a boost they have always desired. Thankfully Quilltez is here to solve your problems.

With our multi-faceted strategy and experienced team, we turn your ideas into a success story others wish to emulate. Quilltez is a creative space for creative thinkers. There are endless possibilities for building your very own business. And we simply help you explore! Below are some of the industries we have expertly worked with and delivered successful projects.


Whether it is a simple school website, a college enrollment database, or a university’s student portal with multiple options for teachers as well as students, we have developed and designed it all. Our experts masterfully take into account all of your considerations (including but not limited to the number of students and website traffic, among others) and develop a solution uniquely catered to your needs.


E-commerce is a booming business. But a small mistake in the code can render your Business API useless, and your customers turn their back on your business. Our solutions are appropriately tested before they are delivered and used in the market. We make sure every line of the code does what it is put there for. Due to this, the customer experience is so smooth they want to keep using your business or services time and again.

Digital Media

In the past we years, we have helped hundreds of digital media companies realize their potential through our solutions. As we stay up to date with the latest technology trends in website development, we know what makes their customers click. Through our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, you get a grasp of the latest developments in the industry and stay one step ahead.

Pharma IT

People visit pharma websites when they are ill or seeking health-related information. That is why every pharmaceutical company needs an excellent website that helps them develop a long-lasting relationship with their users. We ensure that our web designs make every product stand out with as much information and education delivered to the users as possible in limited space. Pharma companies need to emotionally and stylistically engage their users by creating a user-friendly interface. And we know precisely how to achieve it.


NGOs need to build a strong bond with the community in which they are trying to bring a social change. And what is a better way to let the people of the community know that you care about them than a website? A website that depicts your objectives, solutions, and how you are bringing about a positive change in the lives of the community leads to a much better relationship between the members of that community and your staff.

…and the list goes on.